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Effective Medication Management

We know that over one-third of a nurse's day is spent on medication management.

Our system guarantees that nurses will have more time with residents.

Stacks Pharmacy's integrated care system helps to support more efficient and safer ways of working.

Better medication administration

  • Nurses can access important clinical information at the point of care so they can make timely, informed decisions and have full access to full medicine information.
  • Staff can scan and upload any paper documentation, videos and photos to a resident’s file.
  • With Stacks Pharmacy, you can review bowel charts or behaviour care plans, while administering medication.
  • Psychosocial interventions which are suitable for each resident can be included on the kardex in the PRN section. There are no space restrictions with our electronic kardex system.
  • Stacks Pharmacy is fully integrated into your EpicCare so with one log on you can access all your records and care plans.
  • No more transcribing or typing of kardexes when a patient's prescription is changed. The patient's MAR is automatically updated so there is no need to manually update for new medication. You can track ‘as required’ PRN medications with greater efficiency.
  • A detailed history log for each resident provides staff with greater visibility over previously administered PRNs as well as declined PRNs. Sedatives can have individual cut-off time for each resident.

Better management reports

Manager's dashboards
Stacks Pharmacy gives you access to management reporting tools that facilitate decision support.
  • Managers feel in control of medication administration in their care home.
  • For the first time, managers can run reports at any time, even live during the medication round.
  • Missed medications can be spotted fast and dealt with quickly.
  • Having the right information at the right time will allow for more proactive decision-making.
  • Check the progress of new staff so support can be provided during the rounds.
  • Real time information and reports at the touch of a button.
  • Run your HIQA reports on Laxatives, Pain Relief or Oral Nutritional Supplements at the touch of a button.
  • Print off up-to-date reports for hospital admissions or appointments, showing all changes since admission and real medication reconciliation.

Better medication ordering

  • Free up your phone line by using our online messaging system. All communications, including notes and other records, are recorded and are accessible for audit purposes.
  • We eliminate redundant information transferred by phone or fax between nurses, GPs and pharmacists who all have access to the same information. When there is a medication change or admission, the system updates everybody at the same time.
  • Stacks Pharmacy offers more efficient medication stock control. When the doctor changes the kardex, the system automatically generates an order that can be sent to the pharmacy by email.
  • Over 99% of medication is delivered the same day. Our system means that you have a late afternoon time for same-day delivery.
  • The system creates a suggested monthly order saving valuable nursing time.
  • The software incorporates the tools to efficiently manage stock audits and medication recording to streamline inventory management processes for you.
Drive greater efficiencies with pharmacy messaging system.

The 10 Rights

As medication administration is probably the highest risk task a nurse can perform (Anderson and Webster, 2001), many policies and guidelines have been devised to help prevent medication errors occurring.

The ten rights of medication administration were proposed by HIQA in 2015.

The 10 Rights

Right Reason

Right Documentation

Right Response

Right Observation

Right Drug

Right Form

Right Resident

Right Route

Right Time

Right Dose

Our knowledge shared

Our pharmacy expertise enables us to update your policies and procedures in light of recent inspections or revised guidelines.

Stacks Training

Induction Medication Management Training

Stacks Pharmacy provides the training on its centre-specific policy and procedures medication management, including how and when to crush medication, covert administration and PRN decision-making.

Pain Management

We review the different types of pain assessment tools available and how to choose an appropriate pain assessment.
We also review non-medication approaches to pain.
We review how the most common pain medication works.
We increase the awareness of pain relief dependency and how to recognise it.
We discuss the side-effects of the common pain relief medication and how to choose the right medication.

Competency Assessments

Establishing competency prepares an increasingly important role for managers. Stacks Pharmacy prepares the competency assessment appropriate for the unit, they must be site-specific and adapted depending on whether which are new members of staff or long-standing members of a team.
The key areas for competency assessment are professional practice (what does the law say etc), critical thinking and analysis (evidence-based and professional development etc), provision and co-ordination of care (assessments, establishing the target aims of treatment etc) and collaborative and therapeutic practice (able to input into medication usage reviews etc)
We perform the initial competencies in conjunction with the managers and train managers in how to assess competency regarding medication but the principles can be applied across the full spectrum of staff.

Constipation Management

We discuss the medical definition of constipation, the misconceptions and provide assessment tools. We discuss the causes of constipation and the key issues in residential care including diet and hydration. We review how laxatives work, their correct administration and how to choose the right laxative.

Preparation for Inspection

We go through the standards individually and ensure that your team is aware of what information the inspectors are looking for and what the standards require of them.
We train on how to approach an inspection from a learning and improvement perspective.

Fall Risk/Psychotropic Medication

We review the key fall risk indicators and assessments.
We discuss the geriatric dose restrictions particularly in anti-psychotics, and go through some of the common high-risk fall medication.
We review the importance of onset of action and half-life in commonly used medications.

System Approach to Error Prevention

We provide guidance on how to create a systems approach.
We help to promote an open culture with the use of open reporting and inclusion of errors/near-misses on the agenda of routine meetings.
It is also important to document the review of any audits (internal and external) plus error and near-miss reporting as this is seen as a key part of the quality improvement programme.

Our Team and Support

24/7 free on-call pharmacist support
24/7 helpful and free technical support

Stacks Team and Support


From medication to office stationery, it’s the role of the purchasing team to make sure that our Stacks Pharmacy team is always in stock. IT is integral to the service. We have a 24-hour support line which can be accessed by all your team free of charge if they need advice.

24/7 care line - it’s free

Whenever nurses feel worried or need clinical support, they can simply call our care line and talk to one of our experienced pharmacists day or night.
The Team acts as a central point of contact for all involved in patient care including after-hour’s emergencies and for clinical queries no matter how big or small.


Making sure patients` medication arrives on time and in the right condition is the responsibility of the Logistics Department.
They make sure that you have a late afternoon cut-off of 5pm.
They also co-ordinate the free prescription collection service from surgeries nationwide.

Switching is Simple

Our expert team of nurses, pharmacists and IT specialists have an approach that is simple, scalable, and based on a trusted methodology. We will make sure that there is minimum disruption to your day-to-day resident care.

Switching is simple

We will spend time listening to you. We will observe your team, your day-to-day operations and do a GAP analysis of your medication management.
Your dedicated key contact from Stacks Pharmacy will configure the system for you. If you are switching from an existing software system, we will transfer the data for you. We upload all of the data from your manual system to be ready to go live.
Training is an essential element of a successful implementation. Our dedicated team are the best trainers and provides comprehensive training support to give your staff the confidence they need. Ongoing training is provided on site at a time that suits your team.
We won’t leave until you tell us to! Your dedicated member of Stacks Pharmacy training team will support you throughout your going live solution.
We provide ongoing support and undertake periodic reviews to see how we can help you.

Why Stacks Pharmacy

A trusted pharmacy

With over 2,500 patients nationwide, we have the right team to bring you the care your residents deserve. Like you, we are there 24 hours a day.


Stacks Pharmacy provides everything your care home needs. We provide one easy-to-learn and simple-to-use system, including all equipment, iPads, software, licences and ongoing training.


There is no safer pharmacy with an error rate of less than one in 20,000 doses. We use state-of-the-art digital photo identification systems and automated packing machines to free our pharmacy team to focus on patient care and supporting you.